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  Mission Statement


Drop Gangs has two missions:


  • Drop Gangs will work with the community of Saskatoon to provide access to programming and support to those wishing to leave the gang lifestyle.


  • Drop Gangs will work to dispel myths and educate the public about street gangs, outlaw motorcycle gangs and organized crime by bringing public awareness to the criminal activities of these groups. The Drop Gangs program will endeavor to make involvement in such organizations less attractive, to erode public support for them and to disrupt their ability to harm the community.

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The DROP GANGS initiative was funded by the Saskatchewan Criminal Property Forfeiture fund. This is a fund where the province maintains proceeds of crime seized by police services in Saskatchewan.

The Drop Gangs program will be operated by the Saskatoon Police Service in consultation with community partners. 

Watch for the DROP GANGS vehicle on the streets of Saskatoon

Special thanks to CFSEU BC for the support and sharing of content with a common goal to reduce the effects of  gang violence across Canada. Organized crime can be transient, interprovincial and international. Integrated units such as CFSEU BC and Integrated Intelligence Units in Saskatchewan play a major role in keeping citizens safe and combatting organized crime across our provinces, Canada, and the globe.

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