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Social Media & STREET GANGS

Social media platforms and the rap music scene are exploited by organized crime groups and gangs to further their criminal enterprises by spewing hate and intimidation. 

When tensions boil over and violence erupts between groups no-one is safe. Below are two examples of gunshots being fired in public places which include local restaurants and in front of an elementary school. / Vanese M. Ferguson / Charges Laid After Shooting Outside of Saskatoon School / By Staff The Canadian Press / Saskatoon gang member gets 4 years for pointing gun at rap artist.

Smart phones, easy access to computers and social media has changed life forever. These technologies have also changed how Street Gangs communicate amongst themselves, between rival gangs and claim turf. 

Screen Shot 2021-11-02 at 11.25.44 AM.jpeg / Why is Drake wearing a Hells Angels support hoodie in this photo? / Nick Eagland

Gang graffiti was once used to claim territory and announce that a gang was in a certain geographic area. 

Gang members would brag about crimes being committed to increase their street cred. Social media platforms and music videos are now produced to claim territory, claim area and intimidate. / Sam Pazzano Bureau / KNOW THE DRILL: Street gangs weaponizing social media.
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