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Often times the promise of brotherhood and support falls short.

  • "Not long afterward, the two clubs rode to Prince Albert together and obtained the approval of the provincial council."

  • "The P.A. club was hosting a key meeting of the Saskatchewan Motorcycle Coalition, the governing council of the province’s outlaw bikers."

  • "The Saskatoon Hells Angels needed a yes vote. They were desperate to enlist a new army of foot soldiers to fend off their hated rivals, the Outlaws, who had moved into Saskatoon and were gaining strength, thanks to a partnership with an aboriginal street gang.That’s when a Hells Angels leader decided he’d heard enough. He rose from one of the centre seats in the oval-shaped table arrangement and looked around the room.“These are my friends,” he said, gesturing to the Fallen Saints seated next to him.“This is gonna happen. If anyone has a problem, come here and talk to me about it.”

  • “The Fallen Saints were formed because the Hells Angels wanted it,” 

Jason Warick, Postmedia News / National Post / February 10, 2015
Jason Warick, Postmedia News / National Post / February 10, 2015

The Saskatchewan Motorcycle Coalition (SMC) is a non-profit member's organization registered with the Saskatchewan Corporate Registry. 

This classification of organization may be used to conceal membership and avoid taxes.

"They create these support clubs as a show of force to rival groups," Shewchuk said. "They'll recruit members from these support clubs, and it also allows the Hells Angels to further inflate themselves within their criminal activities."

"members of the public should not be fooled by their events because they can serve as a chance for the clubs to make money, sell merchandise and meet with other outlaws. The events themselves can serve as a show of force"

"To some citizens that can be very intimidating, and that's the message they want to portray." / Police closely monitoring Heretics motorcycle club expansion into Moosejaw / Morgan Modjeski / Police closely monitoring Heretics motorcycle club expansion into Moosejaw / Morgan Modjeski

Police in Saskatchewan have witnessed intimidation and violence commited by Saskatchewan Motorcycle coalition members against motorycle riders for:

-Wearing an "unapproved" vest in


-Belonging to an opposing club. / Surrey RCMP serve notice to Hells Angels: 'You are not welcome' / Kim Bolan

Many countries around the world are now returning travelers to Canada and issuing life time bans from entering their countries due to associations to organized crime such as the Hells Angels.

These travel restrictions are not made in consultation with Canadian law enforcement. These travel restrictions are not able to be appealed under Canadian law and can only be brought to the attention of the country who denied entry. 

Each country is responsible for their own National Security interests and will make admissibility decisions according to their own federal law. / Outlaws' threat created Saints / Jason Warick

During court proceedings the Hells Angels have been declared a CRIMINAL ORGANIZATION  in Canada several times.

What can you do about Outlaw Motorcycle Gangs?

You can help to ensure your safety, and the safety of your community, by learning about outlaw motorcycle gangs. Choose not to support organized criminal activity (including activities that seem harmless)

  • Don't buy or wear gang support gear (clothes, bandanas, badges, patches etc.).

  • By purchasing support gear, you are giving money to gangs that are harming our communities.

  • By wearing support gear, you are supporting the gang's violent messaging and putting yourself at risk of attack from rival gangs.

  • Don't participate in charitable activities organized by these groups.

  • They often target charities with donations and toy drives to sanitize their image and build community support.

  • Minimize your contact with gang members.

  • Report any suspicious activity to police.

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